Free Hearing Evaluations

An accurate hearing evaluation is essential for creating a treatment plan that addresses all facets of your hearing loss.

hearing testWe’ve been working with patients for over 20 years to test and diagnose their current hearing ability in order to develop customized solutions that make a difference.

During your hearing evaluation, our team will take the time to learn about you and what’s important in your life. Whether you have a job that exposes you to loud sounds on a regular basis or you’re a part of your church band, the more we know about how you use your ears gives us a greater opportunity for success. We also discuss your medical history in detail, as certain medications or past injuries may play a role in the hearing difficulty you’re experiencing.

Understanding your current symptoms and concerns allows us to learn more about what might be contributing to your condition. Lastly, we’ll physically examine your ears with a video otoscope before beginning our assessment of your hearing ability, ensuring that your ears are clear and healthy.

While it may sound intimidating, participating in a hearing evaluation is quite easy and completely painless. We’ll ask you to wear a pair of specialized headphones and will play a series of sounds. These tones will vary in volume and frequency, and you’ll need to raise your hand each time you hear one. As the test progresses, we’ll gain a better understanding of your current hearing ability, and your results will be compiled in an audiogram. Using this information, we will clearly see which thresholds of sound you can and cannot hear, and can then determine the specific type and extent of your hearing loss. We also use tympanometry, a quick and easy test that establishes the mobility of your eardrum.

If you have questions, don’t worry, as our team places a high level of importance on patient education. We want to make sure that you fully understand the details of your impairment as this will better inform the decisions you make about your treatment. We offer a wide range of hearing devices that utilize different features and styles, so there’s literally something for everyone. Ultimately, the team at Midwest Audiology Center wants you to feel confident and happy with whatever solution is right for you. We’re here to help along the way and strive to present solutions that meet your needs.